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Website Updated 11.23.2021

We will be closed for the next 2 weeks from the date above. Thank you. 

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Updated 3.5.2017

To Clear Up Misinfo about so called "Rat Breeds"

There are not different breeds. They are all rattus novegicus. That is the only breed we keep as pets. They do come in many different colors for us to enjoy. And the links in this navigation menu will show you some of those colors.

Misinfo on so called "grey rats" or "tan rats"

Rats do not come in grey. That is not a color this species has to offer. Please research the correct colors for rats. American Blue and Russian Blue are 2 beautiful colors to start your research. Blue is one of the most favorite colors. Also the Beige coloration is a good place to start researching if you are calling a rat "tan". If you got rats from a breeder they will tell you the correct color of your rat.