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We do have babies available!
Please be aware that breeding season only lasts through the end of Spring. Breeding season is over during the Summer as rats loose fertility in hot weather.

Dwarf rat information.

Dwarf Rats

The 1st dwarf were taken from a lab by lil rug rats rattery. I tried asking her for more history on the Dwarf she dispersed but she did not respond to me.

I have had Dwarf since very early on after they came from the lab. And my line is very well established. I have bred dwarf into every color and marking I breed for. So I have a wide variety of colors and patterns. Including the rare hairless dwarf. Only rare because no one breeds for them. 

The true differences about dwarf are that they have shorter tails and feet in proportion to their bodies. And larger eyes in proportion to their heads than standards.

My Dwarf are bred to represent the standard rats in my lines. I breed my dwarf to be strong robust healthy animals. Dwarf that are teeny tiny are more frail and have a harder time breeding. And they are not as healthy over all. Dwarf need to be bred to have strong bone structure and strong bodies. So the body type on my dwarf is very similar to my standard rats. My Dwarf look smaller but are just as healthy and live just as long as standard size rats.

I never recommend Dwarf for children. Dwarf have more energy and kids aren't always gentle enough with their smaller bodies. Dwarf are harder to hold and keep track of. And they are faster.

Dwarf still need normal rat sized cages. Because they are more energetic they need more space to use that energy.

Dwarf are small and have very small litters. And because they can't breed as young as the larger rats, its harder to get babies. There are not as many dwarf because of that. Dwarf might have 7 babies at the most. But many times less, whereas standards can have 13 to 16 babies. Breeders rarely let Dwarf be adopted out because when they finally get a litter of them, they need to keep the babies to make another generation. I have had many potential adopters come to me asking for a pair of dwarf not understanding that getting 2 of the same sex at the same time is all but impossible. It may take years of waiting just to get one that is not being kept by the breeder. As the breeders have been waiting for a very long time just to get one litter of them.

Dwarf Rat Pictures