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Website Updated August.13.2022

We do have babies! its the very end of breeding season. No more babies until the season starts again when the weather cools.
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The Main Diet

What is the main diet? Let me simplify this as much as possible. Rats need 14-16% protein. Any less and they will be malnourished and any more and they will get protein itch. Especially males. Other nutrients are also necessary. And the only way to get it is to have a product that has a guaranteed analysis. Too many people and breeders are not paying attention to this and they are throwing anything together on a whim. And the quality or lack thereof  of rats is very noticeable.

I prefer to use a grain diet. One made by a man with a degree in animal nutrition. My mix has a guaranteed analysis I do not know of any other mixes made by breeders that can say that. Most people are throwing random grains together and not knowing why they are doing it. I did not make this diet myself, I am not qualified to do so. I've used this mix since 1998 and my rats are known for their longevity and beauty. You can either use this diet which rats do very well on and have healthy long lives, or you can use a diet that gives you rats an average or below average life span. Such as the ones that tell you to feed your rats sugars and molasses or Subees diet.  And sugars have been proven by science to cause seizures in rats. So these diets are not as good for your rats, nor are they proven to help rat's life span.

Myself and the Colorado rat community of nearly 500 people on the Colorado rat list did try Harlan + fresh vegetables and fruit for a quite a few years, but we all saw a decrease in lifespan of 50% across the board. Many breeders around the world have had this same experience. While some others swear by it. 15+ years ago people thought peanuts were bad for rats, but that is very, very old info. And out of date. There is also no science in it. So we have all since switched back to this grain diet, and life spans are back up again. Thankfully. People from all over the world email me telling me they use this mix and love it. Its a very popular diet.


Here is the recipe. Print it and use it as a shopping list:


3 parts flaked barley (do not use pearled barely! Its too hard and will break teeth!)

1 part sun flower seeds

1/2 part oat groats (Steel cut oats).

1/4 part Calf Mana

Or as an alternative to the Calf Mana: A bird pellet non fruit flavor for medium birds. IE.. ZupreemHarrison'sKay Tee ExactRoudybush. Or the bird pellet from Excello. Or you can use calf manna from the fed store. The recipe was actually made with it not a bird pellet. But it has an ingredient my hubby is allergic to. So I have to use an alternative. Or you can use meat bird builder from a feed store for chickens and or water foul. So many options!

1/4 part raw peanuts (either in the shell or out of the shell)

1/4 part senior dog food of high quality. Only natural ingredients please! IE... Innova, Taste of the Wild, Chicken Soup For Dogs, Wellness, Pinnacle etc. Do not use garbage dog foods as these will give your rat tumors. IE... Old Roy, Science Diet, Iams, Alpo or anything from a grocery store or super store. Those are all really bad!

Optional (I do this): For babies up to 3 months old and pregnant and nursing moms only add a "raw diet". If you wish.

Optional: A pinch of raw pumpkin seeds daily. Around 4 seeds per rat. This is a good treat food.


If you are personally allergic to the ingredients in Calf Mana here is an alternative:

Pictured Here:Roudybush Maintenance Pellets but you can use others.

Remember not to use a fruit flavor pellets as its usually full of d-limonene which male rats cannot have.

My Grain Diet is Approx:
Crude Protein: 14% (with Roudybush)

Also if you are looking for an alternative to peanuts because if a peanut allergy, I cannot help you. I am not certified in small animal nutrition. And I would not know how to get the guaranteed analysis correct if the peanuts were removed. I am not qualified to do that. That would need someone with a degree in nutrition to figure that out.

Go to Curve Feed in Lakewood Colorado to get your grain. Tell the owner Chris I sent you.

Chris makes my mix for rat owners in Colorado. So get your future feed mix from her after you adopt from me. I do not supply grain mix for the life of your rat.

Curve Feed & Pet Supply
6750 W. Mississippi Ave.
Lakewood, Co 80226
(303) 934-1249


I have worked with Circle F feed in the the Springs on making and selling my diet. They now stock it. If you are out that way you can always buy it from them.

Cook Mixes - My Babies Are Raised On It - NOT A MAIN DIET! JUST A TREAT.

You can also order them here...
All the flavors are great. I like the cinna spice delight, apple berry, veggie.

My Mix:

Go to the vitamin cottage because they have bulk organic ingredients. Here is a list of what you need. Its a no fuss recipe.

If you want to change or just eye ball the parts please do so. Its not an exact science. A big box of all of this usually costs me $23.

1) 2 parts Organic Regular Rolled Oats. (not oatmeal or quick oats, its cheapey processed and has no food value)

2) 2 parts Organic Millet (Protein and some fat)

3) 3/4 part Organic Brown Rice (Carbs)

4) 3/4 part Wheat Berries (Montana Bronze Chief or any other that looks good to the eye)

5) 3/4 part Organic Quonia White (Protein)

6) 3/4 part Organic Refined Couscous

7) 3/4 part organic Raw Sunflower Seeds (Fat)

8) 3/4 part Organic Pearled Barley

9) 1/2 part Organic Yellow Split Peas (not green it makes it look like snot) (Protein)

10) 1/2 part Organic Raisins (Iron) add a 1/2 part of dried cranberries if you want to!

11) Cinnamon Powder, Nutmeg, All Spice. Note on Cinnamon, dump tons in there like 1-3 TBS spoons as desired. (Cinn is for circulation, libido and anti parasite cant be over done.)

Mix it all together in a bowl 

Cooking Directions:

Stove top: In medium saucepan, bring 2-1/4 cups (530ml) of water and 1 cup (235ml) Cook Mix to a boil. Cover with tight fitting lid, reduce heat to low and simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and let sit, covered, for 5 minutes. Cool completely before serving.

After Cooking:

1) Add Dried fruits IE, cranberries, blue berries, strawberries, apple slices, cherries. (switch these around to keep it fun)

2) Add your favorite veggies, fresh or thawed frozen mixtures.

3) Mix it in with the already cooked mix.

4) Cool and serve!

You can store in the fridge for 4-5 days. Use your common since on that one.

Note on ingredients:

Its a no fuss mix once again, no need to ask what a part is. Use any measuring container you want make that your part. And if the store doesn't have whats listed, its no fuss, skip it and pick up something else that looks tasty to you. Add things not listed here. This is a rough example of what you can do. If you want to don't use any of these and do a bean mixture. Vitamin cottage has a isle full of beans. Mix them with the Brown Rice and wing it. If you want Gluten Free, do that.

Adding supplements made fun!:

Many times we need to medicate our pets, or we want to build immune systems. The rats will eat it when mixed in the cook mix. Things I like to mask in my food:

All from vitamin cottage: (all added after the mix is cooked and cooled, usually while its in the rats feed dish)

1) A pinch of Fresh or Granulated Garlic for the immune systems and anti parasite

2) Powdered Vitamins or Biotin (Vitamin from pet shop) (Biotin from the Cottage)

3) Wheat Germ Oil (Super Food) Best thing for skin and coat. (a must for hairless rats and great for the furred too)

4) Fish or Cod Liver Oil for the Omegas

5) My favorite for the immune and digestive system Kyo-Dophilus 9. 9 digestive enzymes. (This one is a must for my rats)



It's not a fuss! Just feed it to them along with the lab blocks or grain, which ever your feeding. There is no need to worry about measuring which would not be possible with more than one rat anyway.