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Website Updated July.20.2024

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What We Have Done So Far

I have been breeder for many years, and my lines are very old. And I have reached most of my goals for bettering rats as a whole. And I have shared those quality animals with other breeders wo have proven themselves to be trustworthy, all over the USA and other countries. I feel it is my job as a breeder to help other breeders which similar goals to better the rats in their area. You are not doing your job if your only helping the rats in your area. The goals I have reached thus far are:

  • Longevity. I have been blessed with lines that live on average of 3-4 years. And I have maintained that throughout my years of breeding. And myself and many other breeders can verify that by lengthy data on every rat in every pedigree and by keeping that up to date on the North American Rat Registry.
  • Temperaments. My rats are known all over the world for their kind, loving laid back temperaments.
  • Great bone structure and confirmation. My lines are doing well in the shows all across the entire USA.
  • Color breeding. All of my lines are bred to be their true color with no dilutions and represent the true color for the variety.
  • Correct patterns. Since I line breed I also work to breed the correct representation of patterns on all my rats. Breeding for the show standard in all patterns. You won't find mis marked incorrect markings in my rats. Self's have no white on the feet, hoodeds have straight stripes, Dalmatians have lots of spots but more importantly the correct crown around their head. My blazes have correct wedges. Etc...
  • Number of varieties helped. I have not just picked a couple of colors or patterns to improve. I've worked for years on shipping in all the varieties I can in order to improve the above qualities. And I have shared those.
  • Supporting GOOD breeders. I have always been very strict on who adopts my rats. And I do not adopt to back yard breeders, or fly by the night breeders who won't last. I adopt to highly respected breeders who have strong ethics like myself. Breeders that have proven themselves to be serious, and trustworthy. This way all the work on improving rats does not go to waste and end up in a pet shop on the black market.
  • Adopting to ethical adopters. I have a 3 page strict contract for all pet only adopters. This way I know my rats are taken care of in a manner I approve of. And I turn down many potential adopters too. I do not adopt to everyone that asks for a rat. Because not everyone is the right fit for the high quality animals I produce. Also all my rats are adopted out on a strict pet only contract. And I have and I will come down hard and chase a person down to maintain that.