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We do have babies available!

Camarattery Rats at the Museum!

I think the world of my rats the Museum in Fort Collins does too! 

The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is a very innovative and education based museum. I reccomend that everyone in Colorado go visit. Its a wonderful place to learn and discover! They have awesome kid based events too. 

The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery and I have partnered together for their new permanent animal zone display. Which just opened 3-14-2014 to VIP guests, the Fort Collins town council, donors, politicians, and my family of course. And is open to the public now. This display includes a huge rat habitat. Showcasing Camarattery rats. It's meant to educate the public on how wonderful rats are as pets. And will highlight how important ethical breeders like myself are for improving the breed.

The museum built a magnificent enclosure which I gave pointers on during the build. It will keep the rats super spoiled and safe! They also have a vet on hand from Colorado State University, Matthew Johnston. I met him and his wife too. He was super excited to be having dumbo rats to care for. He thinks they are super cute like I do.

I will be going out to visit the rats often and I hope you will too.

I want to thank the museum for contacting me for the 4 babies. I feel honored and flattered. I am just glad I could help and was able to donate babies for the display.

One of the main focus's in my breeding program has always been to educate the public on how wonderful rats are. What what better way to do that then to donate rats to a public display at the museum where hundreds of people can see and learn about rats every day! 
Oh on a side note, there are other animals in the animal zone too! Lol. 
Please visit the rats and tell us what you think! 

Pictures of the rats in the Display

Here are a few pictures of the rats in the museums display:

The staff at fcmod were so hospitable. We had a ton of fun. And met a bunch of nice people on opening night. Here are a few pictures of the event.

Pictures of the Opening Night of the Display


4.3.2016 The Museum Has New Babies From Me Now

The Museum has retired their last batch of rats and asked me for new ones. So today my husband and I dropped off their newest additions for the display. Go visit them! And here are their baby pictures and a few pictures we took while we were there. We had a ton of fun that day as the museum treated us to a full day of events. And took our pictures for their website.

Siamese Burmese Irish Dumbo

Russian Blue Point Siamese Self Rex Dumbo

Russian Blue Point Siamese Self Dumbo

Russian Blue Point Siamese Self Dumbo

Pictures of the new rats and display on 4.3.2016




The Museum asked for new babies!


Come see them at the Museum!

3.6.2021 New Rats Again!

New babies have arrived at the Museum today! My son and I took 5 new girls in for display.









There is a fun new mix of varieties this time. Black Marten Dumbo, American Blue standard ear, American Blue Rex standard ear, Black Irish Dumbo, & Harlan Dark Agouti Irish.

This American Blue already tried out the ladder after arriving.


This one already eating an apple minutes after arriving at the Museum.

New Babies on 4.23.2023

Visit My Rats at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery!

Update 4.3.2016. The Museum has new rats from me. See below for pictures!