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Website Updated July.20.2024

We do have babies available!

These are our breeder rats. None are available for adoption. Click the link for each rats litter and pedigree page.


(Theme old fashioned names)

Patchwork have been around longer than I have been breeding. But the gene was lost for a short time and resurfaced. There are not many of them anymore so they are considered rare. They constantly lose their hair and grow it back in a new unique pattern. Some breeders call them Rorschach rats because of this. Which we think is a fitting name as well. 

Cama Ernest
Chocolate Self Patchwork Dumbo
Cama Rupert
Chocolate Self Patchwork Dumbo
Cama George
Chocolate Based Ivory Self Dumbo
Carries Patchwork
Cama Leon
Chocolate Self Dumbo
Carries Patchwork