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Website Updated June.10.2024

We do have babies available!
FYI...Please be aware that breeding season stops in July & August in the USA. Rats loose fertility in hot weather, so babies are scarce during that time. If you are going to adopt, now is the time. Breeding season doesn't really pick up again until the fall when the weather is cooler.



Self rats are a solid color and do not have any white on them. The best ones have no white on the toe tips as the example here shows. Self rats do not carry other patterns. Related to the Irish but without any markings at all.




Related to the Berkshire but with less white. A colored rat with half white back feet (sometimes not) and white front paws. There will be a white spot on the belly in various sizes. But not covering the whole belly. It can be a very small white marking as well. 



Berkshire is a rat with white on the belly, and all 4 feet up to the top of the leg and a white tail tip. A Berkshire is a rat that carries other recessive patterns. Berkshire is a sign of the patterns it carries. Berkshires can have varying amounts of white on them.



Hooded - Recessive Gene

Hooded rats have a hood over the head with no white under the chin. And a stripe going down the back to the tail. There are 2 genes of hooded rats one with a broken hood stripe and the (l) or Long gene which has a perfect straight line going to the tail. And a (s) Short gene which is a broken hooded. These examples are the nicer (l) gene.



Bareback - Recessive Gene

A Bareback has a hood over the rats head and no other markings. The neck and chin has no white just solid color under the head. 



Variegated - Domninant Gene

Variegated is a rat with splashes on the back and a hood on the head, but the neck and chin have white on them. Variegated can have a Blaze or Head Spot or a solid head without markings. 


 Here is a Variberk Down Under. It's a Variegated Berkshire. This one also has Down Under Markings on the belly. You can also have a Varihooded rat.

Down Under

Down Under - Dominant Gene

Down Under is a dominant gene that puts a stripe on the belly. In reality its a mirror image of the back pattern of the rat. So a hooded, Whiteside or Berkshire will have a stripe and a variegated will have spots on the belly. DU can hide on other patterns where you cant see it such as a self. Patterns that have no color on the back like capped, masked, or patched will not show the DU since its a mirror image of their back pattern. And those patterns are white on their backs. The rat on the left is a Berkshire DU. This baby rat is a Whiteside DU.


Capped - Recessive

A Capped rat simply has a cap on its head with no other marking or spots on the body. It can have a white notch coming up the back side of the head or be without that.


Masked - Dominant + Recessive Genes

A Masked rat has a perfect "hamburgler" mask around its eyes. Its a capped rat which is recessive with a dominant spotting or blazed gene. A perfect Masked pattern like the one to the left here is difficult to achieve. Many end up mismarked like the one shown on the right. Also very cute.


Patched - Dominant + Recessive Genes

Related to the Masked and Dalmatian. This rat is capped with dominant spotting or Blazing genes. And is mismarked. It can have many different places the spots end up on the face. Generally a spot is on the eye. It may have pattern on the head and may not.



Blazed - This comes in both Recessive and Dominant Genes

A Blaze is a White triangle marking on the face. The rat on the left has a cute spot in the middle of its Blaze. This rat is a Variegated Whiteside with a Wedge Blaze. Below is another wedge Blazed rat.

Lightning Blaze

Lightning Blaze - This comes in both Recessive and Dominant Genes

Lightning Blaze is not a full triangle like a Wedge Blaze. It's just a small line on one side of the face.


Badger Blaze

Badger Blaze - Dominant High White

Badger Blazes have a Blaze and the white comes up high on the sides. This particular one is also Whiteside so you see the hood. On non WS the top of the head is colored half way down the face and that line flows back to the tail on the back only, having the high white sides.


Overo - Dominant High White

Overo rats have a thin colored line down the back and a Blaze which may look different on each face. Named after the Overo horse which has the same digestive issue of Megacolon that high white rats do.

Overo Horse

Overo horse. Pic found on pinterest.