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Website Updated 11.23.2021

We will be closed for the next 2 weeks from the date above. Thank you. 

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Please excuse the mess at our house in the front yard. We are landscaping.


Hammocks & Cage Liners

Adorkable Pets

The best place I know to get rat hammocks and cage liners, food and other specialty supplies.

- She sells her own food mix. Its not the mix my rats are on. So if you purchase from her be sure to take several weeks to wean the rats you bought from me onto this diet.


My Veterinarian

I go to the the VCA Alameda East Veterinary hospital. The doctor I see is Dr. Fitzgerald. You might remember him from his show on the Animal Planet. I have found him to be a very compassionate doctor and very knowledgeable about rats in my opinion, and these days real knowledge about rats is rare for vets. If you need a vet recommendation he will be mine. Please click on the link above for his credentials, and the location of his office.

Pic from the VCA website. And credited there.

Up to Date Rat Medical Info

Rat offers needed info on rat health issues when you need it. It helps diagnose, recognize and treat ailments. Your vets can use it to help with that as well if they don't know to much about rats. Although I reccomend getting a vet that does rats specifically.



My Favorite Place To Buy Rat Food

Curve Feed & Pet Supply
6750 W. Mississippi Ave.
Lakewood, Co 80226
(303) 934-1249

Curve makes my food and sells it to my customers.

Breeders I reccomend


Emerald City Rattery - Colorado Springs Colorado

Emerald City Rattery

Breeder in Colorado Springs Colorado.

US Breeders. I don't know most of them:

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