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Pet Rat Breeder - Camarattery Welcome!

 Camarattery is a hobby pet rat breeder in Denver Colorado. Near 84th and I-25. The rattery is run by myself, Amy and my husband.

Camarattery is one of the oldest and most established breeders in the United States. We have bred our lines for 45 - 50 generations. Our rats also have 30 + years of pedigree on them from some of the most established lines in the country. They are bred for their sweet personalities, and show ability. Our rats are very well known for their health and longevity. 

Our rats are raised in our home. They have playful clean set ups which are cleaned twice a week. Our rats get love and attention daily as well as fresh high quality foods, toys, chew sticks, igloos, lava ledges, wheels and large cages or a in the case of our males, a kids swimming pool to live in. Our boys don't even have a cage.  Our rats are spoiled and they know it. So we are looking for adopters who will do the same.

Camarattery is not a pet store, so we do not provide a fast pet shop experience. As soon as you contact us you are being interviewed to see if your the right fit for our babies. You will also need to fill out an application as a part of our adoption process. We have plenty of people to choose from when homing our babies. So we are looking for the best people we can find. It's relatively easy to adopt from us. But we only approve adoptions to people who give us a good experience throughout the process.

Please join the Colorado Pet Rat Forum. We are very active in the community, and I (Amy)  run the group

along with Emerald City Rattery who we also work closely with. We have had the group since 2006.  But we just moved it to a new platform. And we are getting everyone moved over there now. We want for you to have other people to talk to and get answers from. Its a great place to chat with other Colorado rat owners. And share pictures and stories with. Please join. We would love to see you there.


Please enjoy your stay on our site.

Amy and Tim

Colorado Rat Community Forum
 Download the Taptalk app on your phone! Then type in the forum address in the search bar. And your in! You will need to be a forum member.

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