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Website Updated 11.23.2021

We will be closed for the next 2 weeks from the date above. Thank you. 

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Welcome To Our Rattery!


Camarattery is a small rattery located in North Denver Off of 84th and I-25. We are about 2 blocks from Thornton, Northglenn, Federal Heights, and Westminster. Please read our "about" page for detailed info on us humans.

We breed because we love, love, love what we do, our job is to bring love into people's homes. As well as "beeping" a lot of noses lol. Raising babies wonderful positive way to live our life. Rats are fantastic little kids and we love to share that with others. They are smart, clean, can learn tricks like a dog, yet litter train like a cat. We love the antics of the rat as they are such little hams. They get so excited to see you and wrestle, play and bounce around when you come to their cage. Adopters are fun, the rats are adorable and I love the "camaraderie".

Our rats are not pet shop animals, they are all heavily, pedigreed and shipped in from the healthiest lines we could find. We have bred our current lines for 45 or more generations ourselves. And they have 25 + years of pedigree and healthy breeding behind our 40 generations of breeding's. We have some of the oldest and most established lines in the USA. We can verify the health of every rat in our pedigrees. Camarattery is very meticulous about record keeping.  We expect the same from the breeders we adopt from. Camarattery rats are bred for health, longevity and temperament. And have an almost tumor free reputation. Most of our rats live from 3-4 years which is easily verifiable. All of our rats are color bred & line bred. It takes us weeks or months of planning before I place each pair together so I can be sure of the best outcome. We do want to make it clear that Camarattery is not a feeder breeder nor do we sell rats to or from feeder breeders. There are plenty of feeder breeders in Colorado and they make it very hard for you to tell if they are a feeder breeder or a quality pet rat breeder. We are strictly a quality pedigreed pet rat breeder working on lines who are proven for longevity and mellow dispositions.

altAs a professional breeder, Camarattery is always determined to provide the highest quality experience for our wonderful adopters. We are there for our adopters throughout the entire life of the rats they adopt from us. We do not breed or keep rats for a profit, and do not breed in dingy conditions. Everything we do is with the highest respect for the animals we care for. From the caging, toys and food we feed, to the respect shown to them and with the high quality photos taken. I (Amy) have pictures in National Geographic as well as Cengage Learning publications to prove my insistence of quality and excellence. And to add to my portfolio of photography skills. So when you adopt from us you know that every facet of care we give these animals is the best you can get. We don't play around with a hobby in the backyard, these animals are in pristine conditions in our home, eating the organic foods we eat, every day, and getting love from us daily. Their cages are cleaned and sanitized every other day. Animals deserve every bit of respect they can get. My rats make me happy, I could not do it without them.

Currently Camarattery is the oldest breeder in Colorado. And one of the very oldest in the USA. Our lines are very well established with known health history and longevity. We have a lot of experience doing what we do. We also work closely with Emerald City Rattery in Colorado Springs who I have mentored since 2009. 

Please note that Camarattery is not a pet store that adopts to everyone that asks for rats. Since we're a small breeder this affords us the ability to be very picky about who adopts rats. Furthermore, we rigorously screen each adopter and heavily contract each and every one of them. This way we know our rats will be cared for in a respectful and ethical manner. Because of this we do turn down a few potential adopters, if things just don't seem right in our eyes. Our adopters need to show they care enough about us and our ethics before we adopt to them, its as simple as that. This can be something as simple as reading our adoption contract before they apply for rats and agreeing to the terms. Most adoptions that are denied are because of this. All of our adopters are appreciated and we couldn't breed without them, but we do breed for "us" and to reach our own goals. We just cannot however keep all the babies produced, which is where you can benefit from our breeding's.


altPlease do a bit of research on the website before emailing.  And if you want to adopt read the adoption process page to get you started.

Please note I am a very blunt & honest person.I don't sugar coat my words. If I offend you please feel free to email me. I am always willing to work out any issues.

Note for 2020 - 21.

We have brought in enough new lines to have 50% of our lines be brand new as of the Summer of 2020. We have new types, and new blood. We did this for several reasons. One is to try new things, also to see how other peoples lines compare. And see what our adopters think of other breeders lines. We are very transparent about which rats are new and do not represent our old lines. Please read about this on our link below called "my lines". You can choose to adopt Cama lines or non Cama lines from us at this time. Until we have had time to work with these lines they are not "Cama lines". We have severely cut back on our numbers to make up for the new ones that have come in. We don't want to have too many and not be able to take care of them. So you will also see that we actually have less rats now than in the previous few years. But we will be able to offer more variety as well.

Thank you! 

Read more about me here.
Read more about my lines here.
Read about my ethics here.

Camarattery Is a Member of the American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association. Camarattery rats are bred to AFRMA show standards.


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Dumbo! Dwarf, Black, Angora - Newly Discovered, Harley, Overo, Chocolate, Red Eyed Marten, Silvermane, Marble, Whiteside, Hairless, Patchwork rats, Harlan Dark Agouti, Dalmatian, Down Under, Fawn, Blazes, Albino, Hooded, Siamese, Burmese, Sable Burmese, Golden Siamese, Tonkinese, Russian Blue, American Blue, Pearl Merle.