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Website Updated September.28.2022

We do have babies! It's finally breeding season again. The weather is cooling and females are more fertile now.
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Please excuse the mess at our house in the front yard. We are landscaping.

Welcome to Camarattery!

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Camarattery is a hobby rat breeder located in Denver Colorado. Near 84th and I-25. 

We are one of the oldest and most established breeders in the United States. We have bred our lines for more than 45 generations. Our rats have at least 30 years of pedigree on them from some of the most established lines in the country. They are bred for their sweet personalities, and show ability. Our rats are very well known for their health and longevity. We breed in our home and all our rats are used to being in a family environment. We also work closely with our dear friend at Emerald City Rattery in Colorado. (Pic of a Recessive Blazed Rat-->)

We are picky with the homes we send our babies to and do not adopt to anyone who asks, so please take your time to read our website to see what we are looking for in our adopters. We like to see that people have read our website before we adopt to them. Our website has all the info you need to learn about properly caring for rats. Please take your time doing your research. - Amy
(<--Picture of our Patchwork rat)

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