Colorado Rat Breeder - Camarattery

Website Updated November.29.2022

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These are our breeder rats. None are available for adoption. Click the link for each rats litter and pedigree page. We have a lot of standard sized rats that carry Dwarf as well. They are not listed on this page since they are on the standard rats pages.

Black Eyed Siamese - All Chocolate

(Theme The Beatles)
This line does not carry any other colors. But they do carry Dwarf.

Cama Teddy Boy
Chocolate Point Siamese Hooded Dumbo Dwarf


Albino & Ivory

(Theme The Black Eyed Peas)
These are all Chocolate based.

Cama Imma Be 
Chocolate Based Ivory Self Dumbo Dwarf



(Theme House plant names)
This line has various markings. They can be Berkshire, Variegated, Blazed. I do not plan to leave them this pattern. I am listing them here until I can breed them for something else and fit them into other lines.

Cama Bunny Ear
Black Berkshire Dumbo Dwarf
Cama Diggle X RuBY Pumpkin


Pearl & Merle

(Theme Pearl color shades, and shades of white)
This line is from KKK rattery in CA. When she imported the Pearl gene from Europe. I have added Dumbo and Dwarf to them.

RuBY Macaroon
Black Irish Whiteside Dumbo Dwarf
Has a Mink sibling
Cama Popcorn
Black Berkshire Dumbo Dwarf
Carries UK Mink & WS
Cama Lamb
Black Irish Whiteside Dumbo Dwarf
Carries UK Mink


Black & Harlan Dark Agouti Out Cross

(Theme Will Be Names From Quintin Tarantino Films)
This line does not carry any other colors.

RuBY Rick Dalton
Black Self Cama Rex Dumbo Dwarf