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  • Please note that its getting close to the end of breeding season here in the USA. Rats loose fertility in the hot months of the Summer. So there will not be any breeding's in those months. If you are planning to adopt the time is now.

- 3.24.16 - Imports From Canada

I am happy to announce that Myself and Emerald City Rattery just received and import from out of Country earlier this week. You can see them on both my girls and boys pages at the bottom. They are in the Marten, Satin and Silvermane lines. The Marten and Silvermane are the 1st of their kind ever in Colorado.

Emerald City and I will be getting another import from Canada here in about a month or 2 as well for even more varieties. Such as Harley which I've bred in the past years ago and the states first Marbles will be arriving as well.

I will also be getting White Sided from Emerald City in NY soon which is a variety once thought lost but it's now back.

And last but not least I will be getting one to two shipments of surprises after that. Which I will announce upon arrival.

I didn't want to get them all at once and mix them as that's a quarantine nightmare. So I'll stagger it bit to evaluate the health of each shipment individually.

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