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-Shipment to France. They Made It!

December 10, 2013

My Shipment of rats made it safely to Paris France early this morning. All the rats did well! This is my gift to Europe, a new line of extremely healthy dwarf, Burmese, Black and Platinum! And 2 of them are the 1st ever dwarf rats in the country! I wish them the best. I know La Tarte Au Citron Rattery will do them justice. As she did with my last shipment of rats. Lorien G. will also be working with them. Go forth lil dwarfies and prosper in a new land! Congrats to you 2 breeders and the rats for a successful 4,881 mile trip!

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hello i live in nova scotia Canada and was wondering if you ship here . i have been looking for a serious rat breeder like yourself and would love to purchase some ratties if possible. My husband and i have completely found a deep common love for our rats and we are desperately looking for some new breeds for .i would love to first know if your are able and willing to ship to our location please let us know i would love to suprise him for xmas for one of his truely loved male rat has just passed and our first rat ever our Sewy Girl who im affraid is blind and i believe def but shes a trooper and still loves and whole bunch of hands on attention im affraid will be going soon .(the worst part of loving rats the go to quick}