Camarattery - Colorado Rat Breeder

Website Updated 10.19.2020

Our Simple Adoption Process:

Because of COVID we are meeting adopters on the porch. Not in the house.

  • Sign up for our mailer. Email us right away once we announce a litter. Babies go fast. So be quick. We adopt babies out in the order you contacted us after we send out the mailer. 1st come first served. 
  •  Ask for the application in that email to speed up the process. Please do not ask to apply when I do not have rats posted for adoption or when litters are listed as not available for reservation.
  • Once approved I will have you read the payment policy on the prices page. I will not hold babies or put your name on them until after you have paid for them. We only take PayPal so have an account ready.
  • After the rats are paid for, you will email the contract to me all filled out and signed. I'll give that to you with the application in the same email.
  • Please stick with one email thread when contacting me. Sometimes people make a new thread every time they email me and messages get lost trying to cross reference many threads which takes a long time to do. Once I approve adoption to you we can keep it on that thread.
  • Go home date is 5 weeks old on most rats. Exception is 6 weeks old on Dwarf, Harley & Overo.
  •  Please contact me to set up a pick up appointment for your babies. Hours are at the bottom of the website.

After The Babies Go Home:

  • Leave them in the cage for 2 days to acclimate. DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT! They need time to get to know the new smells, house and cage. If you skip this step you will scare them and cause them to dislike the scary person they don't know. Talk to them during this time. Let them see your normal daily activities.
  • After day 2 open the cage, pick them up and take them out. Do not coax them out with treats. This has the opposite effect that you think. Your actually treat training them to stay in the cage. Instead of getting them used to you. Instead just take them out, be confident and break the ice. Be done with it. But do not be scared. They feed off your energy. Use confidence.
  • Please note that rats are not puppies or kittens. With the rat species you cannot see their true personality until they have reached sexual and physical maturity. This is why breeders cannot tell if they can use a rat as a breeder until its an adult. What you see as a baby is not what you will see as a baby. Babies are blank slates. They are what you raised them to be mixed with genetics, and epigenetics. 
  • Do not poke the rats through the bars or have feed smells on your hands during play time. Rats have poor vision. 
  • After a few days please contact me to let me know how the babies are doing. I worry.

Not All Adoption Applications Are Approved

  • The number one reason adoptions are denied is because people state they read my contract on the application, but their answers on the application go against the contractual terms.
  • Second reason I will deny adoption is if I detect intent of improper rat care. I am here to help but you also need knowledge and time spent researching. I will ask questions to see if you have done your research.
  • Third reason I will deny adoption is people who give me a negative experience. I want to help and support you in your rat adventure. But I will not take abuse from mean people. My hobby is intended to make your life more wonderful. Please respect that I am breeding these animals to add positivity into your life. Please do the same for me.
  • Fourth reason is if the application comes in and I can clearly see that the person never bothered read my website. Or show interest in doing so. Therefore their application answers go against everything stated on my website.

Visiting Our Rats Before You Adopt?

I am a closed rattery as most of us are. Viruses are spread via air and clothing. And I will not risk losing my entire breeding colony for you to look at them. There is no value to me in that. It has happened to me before and I won't do it again. You can pick up at my house after you have chosen babies from the site. But you will not be going into my rattery.

Also unlike kittens or puppies who show personality early on rats don't show a temperament until they are around 9 months old. And because of that I put the genetic temperament of all my lines on my "lines" page so you can research which line best fits your situation based on what their family is like.

  • We do offer lifetime support
  • forums on social media