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    Pedigreed Rats Bred for Health, Longevity & Wonderful Personalities Since 2004!

Baby Rat Prices

altBabies are on the Nursery page. I don't do singles ever!!!. All rats go in pairs trio's or more, because of the fact that rats are colony animals and don't do well alone. And you shouldn't add one to your colony at home.

Basic Rats:
$45 each 

Unique Varieties:
Blazes: $50 ea
Roan: $50 ea
Rex: $50 ea
Burmese: $50 ea
Black Eyed Siamese & Himalayan: $50 ea
Ivory: $50 ea
American Blue: $50 ea
Russian Blue: $50 ea
Dalmatians: $50 ea
Chocolate: $50 ea
Dove: $50 ea
Cocoa/Coffee: $50 ea
Fawn: $50 ea
Whiteside: $50 ea
Silvermane: $50 ea
Marten: $50 ea
Harley:  $75 ea (very hard to get healthy ones, mine are)
Chinchilla: $50 ea
Marble: $50 ea
Hairless: $60 each. Rarely available
Dwarf: $70 each. Rarely available
Angora: $90 - Very difficult to breed for/rare
Dwarf Hairless: $160 ea. Rarely available


Adult Adoption

I am a no cull rattery. All of my rats get adopted out. Here are the prices for adults. Remember I only adopt in pairs or more.


Adults are $15 each.
(Or free to past adopters. Free if adopted at the same time as 2 babies.)

Hairless adults: $20 each
(Or free to past adopters. Free if adopted at the same time as 2 babies.)

Dwarf adults: $45 each
(No No discount for past adopters or if purchased with babies.) 

Angora: $75 each
(No discount for past adopters or if purchased with babies.)


Rat Guarantee

In order for my guarantee to be valid all my babies need to go home with the food they are on. So you must purchase it at the time you pay for your rats. Food is available for purchase below.

Sales Policies & Pricing Info

My prices are average for quality ratteries in the USA. It is based off of the cost to feed and raise babies, time and effort (this is a full time job), caging, toys, hammocks, organic veggies, bedding, litter, import/shipping cost, vetting and meds if needed. My rats are some of the most pedigreed rats in the United States which means they have been bred for health and longevity for decades not a few short years. Most of my lines have been bred by me for at around 30 generations. Pricing is also based off of the fact that the rats at the USA ratteries are now having to be blood tested for various reasons such as Seoul. So some of the cost goes into that for future generations.

My rats are bred according to AFRMA show standards. My rats are bred to reach my personal goals. And because of that requesting specific color  or patterns on your schedule is not an option. Babies are offered on my schedule. My females are bred at about 4 - 6 months of age. And I bred when the girls are ready. Breeding quality animals takes time, so plan to wait for babies. If you are looking for fast and cheap rats, a pet shop or reptile store may be your best option. However you would not be getting the health and longevity  and sweet temperament of my rats.

Purchase Items:

These are items you can purchase at same time you purchase your rats. These items are for my adopters only and I do not ship.


Main Diet

Please read about rat diet on my Diets Page

Please note that one rat eats approximately 2 pounds of food per month. Pet shops sell similar diets for $3.50 lb. And it's not fresh. I only do 2 lb bags. And you can get up to 10 pounds. My babies go home with a guarantee only if you purchase this food that they are on. I also sell the Mazuri I feed them (they get both) but Mazuri is not required for the guarantee.

2 pounds: $8

4 pounds: $16

6 pounds: $24

8 pounds: $32

10 pounds: $39

I do not mix the senior dog food into my grain for this price. You can do that at home. Babies especially need it for protein until they are 3 months old. Many of you have dogs at home and like the food you use. So please do that. The pellets I do include are typically meat bird pellets for hen and waterfowl from the feed store. As its the most cost effective for me and the best quality for your pet.

PDF Shopping list of my grain recipe for you to use.

Mazuri 6F

altMy pregnant moms and babies are fed Mazuri 6F. Once the babies are 3 weeks old I start mixing my grain diet with the Mazuri. So they get both till the day they go home. I sell this lab block for your convenience. You can buy both the block an the grain if you wish. But my contract guarantees the babies after they go home if you purchase the grain. This way they have something they were on to go home to. But they would love both!

You can also buy this online, alternatively Murdochs sells it. But they only sell it in 50 lb bags. This is why I offer it in smaller amounts.

2 pounds: $7

4 pounds: $14

I do not sell any larger than 4 lbs.


Paper Bedding - $ 25 ea


Paper Bedding

My rats have been on this bedding for 30 generations. And my adopters love it too. Its made of either phone book or news paper with animal safe soy ink. May come from several companies not just the one listed here. Depends on who our  supplier is getting it from at the time. Its a very large bale. Size: 13 CU Ft loose. Compressed 2.2 CU feet.

Carrier - $25 ea


Will hold 2-4 babies or 2 adult rats. Great for taking rats home in. Most of my adopters do purchase this.



11" Wheels - $25 ea (If my supplier is out of a certain color I will let you know)

altCamarattery makes wheels! They are used here at my rattery and tested under high usage. My Wheels are almost silent. They are easy to install to the side of the cage with a bolt, 2 washers and a wing nut. They are made from farm grade animal safe plastic that even my rats are not chewing. They spin very easily on a hub. $25 each

Dark Blue - out of stock
Light Blue
Dark Green
Light Green
Black - out of stock


New color available. Pink!Easy to install with 2 washers and wingnut!


Payment Policy - Read Thoroughly!

I only accept instant transfers through PayPal, not e checks which take up to a week to approve. I do not take checks, credit cards or cash.

Please note that I will not hold rats with no payment. Your name goes on them as soon as a payment is made.

I do not do down payments. Rats don't cost very much. So all payments are made in full upfront. If you do not pay for it, the rat will not be held for you. Its as simple as that. As a reminder I do not take money for future litters, or for a wait list fee! 

If you change your mind after paying for the rat, the entire amount is non refundable. The only exception to this is if I decide to back out for any reason. And in that case if you have already paid, I will return the entire amount.. All babies must be picked up the week they are ready, I do not hold them for later. If you do not pick them up that week, I will not refund and you will not be able to adopt later. I will keep the payment as a boarding fee. The rat goes back up for adoption.

** I will not wait for you to set up a brand new PayPal account. PayPal can take anywhere from one week to 3 months to verify your bank account. So I wont hold rats for you to do that. If you do not currently have a PayPal account please set one up before contacting me about adopting. Sorry I had to post this but I've had people go all the way through the adoption process and pick out babies only to tell me at the last minute they don't have PayPal. But most of my adopters already have PayPal as most people shopping on the internet do. So PayPal is convenient for most everyone.

Making Payments Through PayPal

1. You must write in the PayPal transaction which rats & extra items the payment is for.  Do NOT leave the transaction blank. Add which numbers the babies are and which parents they are from.With large litters and everyone is using PayPal I need to know which rats to put your name on to mark as sold. It is too confusing to weed through dozens of our past emails and see if I can possibly find somewhere that you wrote which babies you wanted, it needs to be in the PayPal transaction!!!
2. Email me for address to send payment to. Do not try and send it to the address on my contact page! That is not my PayPal address!



PayPal Fee You Need To Add To Each Transaction

PayPal is not free! They charge the vendor and those fees are passed onto you. Be sure to add this to the payment every time or it will count as a partial payment and I can't put your name on the animal until you resend it.

Here is the link to the PayPal Calculator to get exact fees to add. Type in your order total, and it will tell you the fees to add. Add the amount that says "PayPal Fee" to your total amount.

Do not pay for a food without asking me first. I need to be sure I have it.

Camarattery reserves the right to change pricing at any time based on average pricing in the USA.