Website Updated 7.12.2020

These are our breeder rats. None are available for adoption. Click the link for each rats litter and pedigree page.

Fuzzy Hairless

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This line is a mixture of my Nude Hairless (nu/nu) from 2005. Which was hidden in my lines for 24 generations and has resurfaced. The Whiteside & Hairless genes from Emerald City Rattery fz/fz, and my Albino gene mixed with my Black line and Dwarf line.

Cama Fergie
Black Self Hairless Dumbo
Both parents carry Albino
Cama Amazing Grace
Ivory Self Hairless


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This line is the gene hr/hr. Or regular bald Hairless. This is a new line we shipped in during the Summer of 2020.

FVR Tessie Cama
Black Variegated Hairless Dumbo
FVR Kraken Cama
Black Notch Capped Hairless