Camarattery - Colorado Rat Breeder

Website Updated 9.21.2020

These are our breeder rats. None are available for adoption. Click the link for each rats litter and pedigree page. Pedigree info.


(Theme Green Day)

This line is from a Long Evans Rat Emerald City Rattery got from a lab control line. Mixed with our Whiteside line, and my Black Self line to add the Dumbo gene. These are my only standard eared rats at this time. I have not had them for years.

RuBY Sugar Youth
Black English Irish D/C
Carries Hooded


Homozygous Lethal Dalmation

(Theme 101 Dalmatian names & dog names)

Blackie Cama
Black Dalmatian
Corky Cama
Russian Blue Dalmatian


Recessive Blazed Marked Marten

(Theme Red Hot Chili Peppers)

This line is related to my Fawns and my Martens.

Cama Mushroom
Black Irish w/ Recessive Headspot Whiteside Dumbo
Cama Red Hot Chili Pepper
Black Irish w/ Recessive Headspot Dumbo
Carries Beige
RuBY Snow
Black Capped Silvermane
Carries Marten

Cama Zephyr
Harlan Dark Agouti Irish Whiteside Dumbo
Carries Recessive Blaze

Cama Tell Me Baby
Black Variegated w/ Wedge Blaze Dumbo
Dad carries Marten



(Theme Food)

This line has been redone as of 11/2019. It's now all new blood related to my Fawns and Recessive Blazed marked and Martens. This is to bring in super sweet temperaments into the Whitesides



Marble Whiteside

(Theme Queen)

 I imported them from Georgian Bay Rattery in Canada. And Every time I breed them I out cross the with my Whiteside line.


Overo Line

(Theme Alabama Shakes)

This line comes out of my old Chinchilla line. They are the HW marked offspring that I decided to make a new line with. I've been looking for a HW cool marked line for years and I finally got them. To be honest I was more interested in doing this than breeding Chinchillas so this is why I imported them. I quit breeding the Chinchillas. These are funner. The Overo pattern was named after the Overo horse with the same markings and possible colon issues in babies.

Cama Mama
Black Blazed Dumbo
Cama Pocket Change
Black w/ Headspot Dumbo


Russian Blue Dalmatian Tristar Line From Runamuk Rattery & Igisum Rattery

(Theme Blue)

This line has Velveteen in it. Very heavily pedigreed.

RuBY Azura
Russian Blue Dalmation Velveteen Dumbo
  Cama Claramay
(Russian Blue) Black Eyed White Dumbo
RuBY Sapphire
Russian Blue Variegated w/ Ressive Headspot Dumbo Dwarf
RuBY Ocean
Russian Blue Berkshire w/ Recessive Headspot Dumbo Dwarf

Marten Tristar Line From Runamuk Rattery & Igisum Rattery

(Theme Stars)

This line has Russian Blue in it. Very heavily pedigreed.

Cama Canopus
Black Variegated Marten w/ Headspot Dumbo
Cama Deneb
Agouti Berkshire Marten Roan w/ Headspot Dumbo