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Website Updated 7.2.2022


We do have babies! But we are closing in on the last part of the breeding season in the USA, as rats fertility drops in the heat. So if you do not adopt now, you will miss out until the fall.
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- Cage Size

I have been reccomending the Martins rat loge or larger for females and one size bigger for males. And people are complaining that they would rather get the horrible pet co rat manor instead. Which is too small for adults rats to live in. They are saying the size is similar to the cage I reccomend. Its not the manor is smaller. And martins is bigger and the same price. From now on I am reccomending the rat lodge or larger. This way people do not get to try and cram rats into the smallest cage they can possibly get. You don't have to get a carrier or infant rat cage for your adults and try to think that is ok. Either get an appropriate cage or don't get rats! The rat manor is teeny tiny, and it has 1/4" bar spacing on the levels which means poop piles up and rats get bumble foot. Its a super store garbage gut cage made by a company that is in business to make money, not to provide proper supplies for pets. Big box stores do not have anything you need for your rat! Go to a good store like Pet World or Curve Feed, any local mom and pop shop or your local feed store. There is no reason to support and keep the bad ones in business. All cities in Colorado have local feed stores.  Martins is a small company that has quality products that are large and safe for your pets. And they know what they are doing when they make a cage for a rat or any other pet. As always if you want to use the rat manor I will deny adoption on the spot. I am not changing that rule.

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