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Website Updated May.18.2024

We do have babies available!
Please be aware that breeding season only lasts through the end of Spring. Breeding season is over during the Summer as rats loose fertility in hot weather.

- 7.25.20 Brand New Lines

We are pleased to  announce that we have shipped in quite a few new lines lately.  This is to bring in large size, blunter heads and noses, and add new colors and coat types. They are totally new genetics, not related to ours. 

You should start seeing these pop up in litters here shortly. Varities to watch out for are the marked Russian Blues, they are Dalmatian, Variegated and Blazed Velveteens, we have just recently posted those for adoption. Marked Martens. Then you will see Golden Siamese, Tonkinese, Dominant Dalmatians,  Black Eyed Siamese, and totally bald Hairless,  Wolly and a new Rex gene for us. We will also be offing up standard eared rats for the first time in several years.


We hope you enjoy them and watch out for new ones soon!

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