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Website Updated May.18.2024

We do have babies available!
Please be aware that breeding season only lasts through the end of Spring. Breeding season is over during the Summer as rats loose fertility in hot weather.

-2.28.2024 Dwarf

Dwarf are the hardest to breed for because they are so tiny, so you never get a big litter. Breeders almost always keep them because there aren't enough to make more babies from. I have been breeding them for many years and I never have very many myself. But I am happy to say I finally have 20 of them now! That doesn't mean I will have tons available. It just means I'll be doing better in 2024 than any other time. So crossing my fingers that I can make more cute little rats!

You can see all of my Dwarf rats on the male and female Dwarf rats pages respectively. 

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