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Please do not contact me if you have cages to sell and you want me to post them here. People have been confused and keep contacting me to sell their cages. This page is only for my cages that I am selling, on the occasion that I have one available.

Custom Built Cages for Sale $200 each

I have 10, 5 custom built Martins cages available. They are the black powder coated cages. Not galvanized. Pic here is from their site in the galvanized option. I had them add a 4 inch door on the upper left side to reach in for scritches. This cage has no levels as its intended for the people who do not like wire grates on the levels. This cage is for you hammock and fleece people. I also made them with the pull out tray to make cleaning the cage so much easier than the Martins cages that sit in the tray. I paid $200 each for them and $45 each for shipping. I was hoping they would work for me but I need something with wheels. So I am letting these go. They are new.  A few I tried shortly to see if I liked them. They are already built so you don't have to hurt your hands with installing all those metal clips. And I saved you 2 hours of building it. I am asking $200 each for them. I am not refunding if you bring a tiny car and can't fit the cage in it to take it home. Bring the appropriate vehicle for a large cage like this. Measurements below. I mention this because people do it to me all the time.


36" W x 24" D x 24" H

2.5" deep plastic slide-out pan

Floor wire above pan

Front door opening, 10" x 10". + top left door on middle at 4".

Made in 1/2" x 1" mesh in  Black Powder coated and includes a 2.5" deep slide-out plastic pan. Cage has a false bottom floor and floor wire panel the pan slides into, eliminating the need for slide rails. The front door opening is 10" x 10". Includes (2) carrying handles.

The cages are selling fast.

I only have 4 left!