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Website Updated 10.18.2021

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Adult Adoption

This page is for adults that were returned to us because adopters could no longer keep them. When that happens we will post them here. And there is no way we can predict when that will be. So obviously we won't have them available all the time. After I quarantine them I will post them here.


IMPORTANT!!! Never add an adult in with an adult you already have at home! That is dangerous! Always add babies into a cage if you already have an adult at home! DO NOT add a rat that's close in age to your existing rat!!!

Same as with babies I only adopt out in pairs or more. Never singles!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you lost one at home and want to add another plan to add 2 because I do not let just one go.


50% of the normal baby purchase price. 

See baby pricing for each adults variety. Minus 50%.

*Adults are free if your adopting a baby at the same time.*


None Available