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Website Updated 5.15.2022

Payment options updated for the new year. 

We do have babies! But we are closing in on the last part of the breeding season in the USA, as rats fertility drops in the heat. So if you do not adopt now, you will miss out until the fall.
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Please excuse the mess at our house in the front yard. We are landscaping.


Updated 3.5.2017

Adoption Application

Please fill this out on a computer not a phone. It does not send to me on a phone. Do not skip any questions this will prevent the form from sending to me. All questions are mandatory.

5) What sex baby are you applying for?
6) Are you over 18? If not do not fill this out. Have a parent do it!
9) If you have others that are not from Camarattery, do you have quarantine arrangements made?
13) What are your plans for your new pet?
14) Are you currently emailing another breeder? Or are you about to email another breeder about their babies?
16) Did you read my adoption contract before filling out this application?

Please note that adoption approval is based entirely on your answers. Filling out the application does not mean you have automatic adoption approval. Each adopter is either approved or denied for adoption based on their answers.

Do not apply if you want something in the future. This application is only for rats currently listed as available. Once you click submit on the form it should bring you to the page that says "I have received the application." If this does not happen I have not gotten it. Please redo your application, you may have missed a question. Thank you Amy

FB Colorado Rat Community Page

Click to join "The Official Colorado Rat Community"
I would like all of my adopters to join on social media. This way I can keep track of my babies. You can post updates here and ask questions about the rats. If you dont like FB here is the MeWe links