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Website Updated June.10.2024

We do have babies available!
FYI...Please be aware that breeding season stops in July & August in the USA. Rats loose fertility in hot weather, so babies are scarce during that time. If you are going to adopt, now is the time. Breeding season doesn't really pick up again until the fall when the weather is cooler.

My Adoption Contract - Read Before You Fill Out the Application!!!

Right now because of covid-19 I do not want paper copies of the contract being shared between us. I ask that you fill this out in its entirety and email it to me right as soon as you have paid for and reserved your rats. Keep it in the same email thread as your application. Only a legal adult can fill this out. All of the info you need for the contract is on the litter page. I will not let babies go home without this being filled out and emailed to me.


Here is the PDF link:


Right now you are just reading the contract. Do not send the contract to me until I ask for it!  I will ask you to send it after I receive your application. Do not email it to me all filled out as soon as you read it.