Website Updated 1.21.2018

Colorado Syrian Hamster Breeder

Hamster Prices

  • Standard hair $30 each
  • Long Hair $35 each
  • Hairless $50 each


All of my hamsters go with a non breeding contract.

PayPal Info:

1. You must write in the PayPal transaction which rats & extra items the payment is for.  Do NOT leave the transaction blank. Add which numbers the babies are and which parents they are from.With large litters and everyone is using PayPal I need to know which rats to put your name on to mark as sold. It is too confusing to weed through dozens of our past emails and see if I can possibly find somewhere that you wrote which babies you wanted, it needs to be in the PayPal transaction!!!

2. Email me for address to send payment to. Do not try and send it to the address on my contact page! That is not my PayPal address!


PayPal is not free! They charge the vendor and those fees are passed onto you. So I have calculated that for you. Be sure to add this to the payment every time or it will count as a partial payment and I can't put your name on the animal until you resend it.

.25 for $7 payments - food
.50 for $14 payments - food
.75 for $21 payments - food
.90 for $28 payments - food
$1.35 for $35 payments
$1.80 for $45 payments
$2 for $50 payments
$2.40 for $60 payments
$2.80 for $70 payments
$3.20 for $90 payments
$4.00 for $100 payments
$5.00 for $150 payments

Do not pay for a food without asking me first. I need to be sure I have it.

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