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Colorado Syrian Hamster Breeder

Baby Hamster Nursery

1) Please read the adoption process page to get started.
2) My hamsters wean at 4 weeks old and go home at 5 weeks old in most cases. DOB is posted on the pedigree of every litter page for you. Click on the parents names for the litter pages. I ask that you contact me for an appointment to pick up your baby, based on its go home date. They must go home the week they are ready! I do not hold them for later. 
3) Individual pix are done around 4 weeks old not before then. That is when they are sexed and posted as available.
4) Available babies are clearly marked as "available". So it's super easy for you to see what's adoptable today.
5) You can't house hamsters together! They are solitary animals and will not tolerate another hamster.
6) Pick up times are listed at bottom of this site on every page. I do have hours of operation. You need to contact me to set up pick up times for your babies.
8) Please note that there is no real difference in temperament on males vs females.

Hamster Litters

I am not doing any Hamster breedings this month because I am doing rat litters. I try and alternate. It's too much to do them all.

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