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Black Based Rats - aa

Black base and Agouti based pictures are placed in the same order to show color difference between the same color in Black vs Agouti bases.

Black aa American Blue aa gg

Russian Blue aa dd

US Mink aa mm  Beige aa rr Platinum- Mink/American Blue aa mm gg

Agouti Based Rats - AA or A/a

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Agouti Aa American Blue Agouti Aa gg Russian Blue Agouti Aa dd
US Cinnamon  Aa mm Fawn AA rr Platinum Agouti- Mink/American Blue Aa gg mm



Self - The Solid Colored Rat, No Markings. The Color Goes to the Toes

Irish - Has Small White Triangle on Chest & White Front Feet 1/2 White Back Feet

Berkshire - Has White Feet All the Way Up, And Large White Area On Stomach

Hooded - Hood on Head and Chest, Also Under Neck. Straight Stripe On Back

Bareback - Same As Hooded But No Stripe On Back

Variegated - Small Hood, White On Neck, Spotty on Back

Capped - Small Cap on Tof of Head, White Chin & Neck. Has Notch on Top

Variberk - Variegated + Berkshire. Spotty Berk

This one is also a Down Under. So it has spots on the belly.

Varihood - Variegated + Hooded. A Spotty Hooded

This one is also a Down Under. So it has a DU belly.

Down Under - Mirror Immage of Top, on the Belly

Shown here is a Hooded. So its a straight stripe. A Variegated will be spotty. And a Berk sill cover most of the belly and have a little white on the sides in most cases. But not always. DU can be masked on a Self. And can be in every pattern there is. See above for 2 more examples.