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My Standard Size & Dwarf Boys

Most of my rats are 20 + generations bred here at my home. And most have that many generations of pedigree on them before I got them. These are not pet shop rats, or poor quality mill animals. Breeding poor quality animals just makes more of the same. Most of mine are imports, all with strong pedigree, longevity, health and excellent genetic temperaments. I don't have a lot of rats, I am just a small rattery. Its all about quality not quantity. This page is where I post my personal rats. If you want these varieties please look on the adoption pages to adopt your own.

My American Blue Self Line

(Theme blink-182)

My Blues are my oldest line. My Blues are from my logo rat Mary Jane. Which was my 1st line. And my favorite line.

Cama Family Reunion
American Blue Harlan Dark Agouti Irish Dumbo
26 Generations Camarattery bred!
Cama Adam's Song
American Blue Irish Dumbo
Carries Marten/Himalayan. Dad carries RB.
Cama Dude Ranch
Harlan Dark Agouti Self Double Rex Dumbo Dwarf



My Russian Blue Self Line

(Theme is David Bowie)

This line is a very old line of mine. They have perfectly lovely temperaments and excellent longevity. Right now they are a mixture of my Black eyed Siamese line, my Hooded, my Black line & the Harlan Lab line. They have very large bodies, short muzzles and beefy bone structure.

Cama Moonage Daydream
Harlan Dark Agouti Russian Blue Irish Dumbo


My Burmese Self Line

(Theme The Beatles)

(This is line came to me from Connie Perez in San Francisco CA, she personally went to the UK and brought them back with her. She shipped them to me in 2006. I have bred my old long lived Rex line into them, they do not carry ruby eye. They are my best line and have been bred for health, type and longevity. This line does not carry any other colors besides Russian Blue) 
Cama Sie Liebt Dich
Siamese Sable Burmese Self Dumbo

Cama I'll Be Back
Siamese Sable Burmese Irish Rex Dumbo

My Black Eyed Siamese Self Line

(Theme The Beatles)

(This is line came to me from Connie Perez in San Francisco CA, she personally went to the UK and brought them back with her. She shipped them to me in 2006. I have bred my old long lived Rex line into them. They are my best line and have been bred for health, type and longevity. This line does not carry any colors besides Russian Blue.)




My Biscuit Cream, Albino & Himalayan Self Line

(Theme is John Lennon)

This line is Albino. Biscuit Cream is the UK name for the unpointed Burmese. Or a rat with the genetics of an Albino Burmese quite simply. I do not know of any other USA breeder currently working on this color. At least no one is advertising that they have them. These are from my Harlan Lab rats, Dwarf's and my Burmese line. I continuously out cross these with the Burmese Line.


My Hooded Down Under Line

(Theme Green Day)

(This line is being revamped as of 2012. The line now comes from my new Sprague Dawley/ Dark Agouti rats. And a Down Under gene from BFF that Connie Perez shipped to my rattery in 2006. The Sprague Dawley's have bred Pink Eyed White into the line. Russian Blue is the only color carried in the line.)
  Cama Another State of Mind
Russian Blue Harlan Dark Agouti Hooded Down Under Dumbo
Cama Mechanical Man
Russian Blue harlan Dark Agouti Hooded Dumbo
Cama Mike Dirnt
Black Hooded Dwarf



My Fawn & Beige Line

(Theme Orange Names)

Twilight Magick Rattery is where my Beige came from. So only one rat in this line was from her. The rest are from my Black/ Harlan Dark Agouti Line.

Cama Cheddar
Harlan Dark Agouti Irish Dumbo
Carries Beige


My Albino and Ivory Line

(Theme The Black Eyed Peas)
I use this line to outcross my Hairless. Because I like Pink rubber chickens. These come out of my Hooded and RB Self lines.

Cama Boogie
Albino Hooded Dwarf



My Recessive Blazed Line

(Theme Beck)

The blazed came from Connie Perez in CA. She got the line from Tina Shahroody. My blazed will be bred for either Hooded Du or Self to align with my two main specialty patterns but they will stay separate from each other. This line does not carry anything. They are 20 generations Camarattery bred or more.

Cama Wow
Black Variberk Recessive Blaze Dumbo
25 generations Camarattery bred!




My Roan Self Line

(Theme Black Animal Names)

(This particular line came from Connie Perez in San Francisco CA who personally brought them back from the UK. I have been breeding this line as Sable Burmese for years, but starting from now on I am going to out cross them with my Blacks to make them Black.)

My Dalmatian Line

(Theme will be The Ramones)
(This is a line I got in 2012. However they have been in Colorado for 13 years before that and are related to my long lived line though MMtR Majick. I have bred my dwarf into them. ) 
RuBY Bonzo
Black Eyed White Rex Dumbo
Tribble X Amy
RuBY Spider-Man
American Blue Dalmatian Dumbo
Tribble X Amy
RuBY Mutations
Black Wedge Blazed Variegated White Side Dumbo Dwarf
Both parents carry American Blue
Cama Hey Ho Let's Go
Black Variegated Dumbo
Carries Capped, both parents carry Russian Blue


My Test Dalmatian Line

(Theme Ramones)
This is a new line with a new Dal gene from MGCK rattery, out crossed with my Silvermane and Dark Agouti/Black line. I am keeping these separate from my old dalmatian line.

Cama Ramone
Harlan Dark Agouti Variberk w/ Head Spot Dumbo
Carries Beige


My Masked, Patched & Capped Line

(Theme will be The B-52's)

(This is a new line that I got in 2012, they are under evaluation. However they have been in Colorado for 13 years and are related to my long lived Rex line.  These dals in my rattery are the only true dals that are breeder bred in Colorado. The Rex gene in this line is not mine though, and will bald as doubles I think. As I want something different. ) This line comes out of the Dalmatian line. But I am keeping these separate. 

My Hairless Self Line

(Theme is U2)

This line is a mixture of my Nude Hairless (nu/nu) from 2005. Which was hidden in my lines for 24 generations and has resurfaced. The Whiteside gene from Emerald City Rattery and my Albino gene out of my Hooded line, mixed with my Black line.

  Cama Cartoon World
Black Self Hairless Dumbo
24 Generation Camarattery bred!
Carries Whiteside


My Whiteside Line

(Theme pizza and or other foods)

(New line shipped in from Emerald City Rattery) (Whiteside is a simple recessive. And it comes on all patterns.)

Cama Curly Fries
Black Self Whiteside Dumbo

Cama Waffles
Black Irish or Self Whiteside

Cama Taco Salad
Black Irish Whiteside Down Under Dumbo


My Harley Line

(Theme The 1975)

I imported this line from Canada from Pixie's Pocket Pets

Cama Falling For You
Russian Blue Self Dumbo
Carries Harley, Angora, & Whiteside


My Marble Line

(Theme Queen)

I imported them from Georgian Bay Rattery in Canada. Then every time I breed them I out cross them with my lines.

Cama ?
Black Marble Berkshire Dumbo


My Silvermane Line

(Theme Donovan)
This line was shipped to me from Exotic Whiskers Rattery in Canada.

Cama Mellow Yellow
Harlan Dark Agouti Self Silvermane Dumbo


My Marten Self Line

(Theme Prince)
This line was shipped to me from Exotic Whiskers Rattery in Canada.


Cama Dirty Mind
Black Marten Self Dumbo



My Chocolate Line

I imported this line from Pixie's Rattery in Canada on 10.2.2016
(Theme Bee Gee's)

Cama Too Much Heaven
Harlan Dark Agouti Irish Dumbo
Carries Chocolate


My Chinchilla Line

(Theme Weezer)
My Chinchillas were imported from Exotic Whiskers Rattery in Canada and Pixie's Pocket Pets in Canada on 10.2.2016.

Cama Jonas
Russian Blue Agouti Half Chinchilla Dumbo
Carries Angora & Harley
Cama Brave New World
Agouti Self UK Rex Dumbo


My Angora Line

(Theme Pixies)

A new mutation discovered and first mutated by Pixie's Pocket Pets In Canada. I am the 1st to get a rat with this mutation from her. And I am very excited to be working with it and with Pixie's on developing this new gene. Imported to the U.S on 10.2.2016.

  Cama Memphis
Russian Blue Self Dumbo
Carries Angora & Harley
May be Midnight will know as an adult


My Black & Harlan Dark Agouti Self Out Cross Line

(Theme Will Be Names From Quintin Tarantino Films)

(This line will be bred for black carrying nothing. This line will bring in new blood for the other lines. This line consists of all of my best genetics.)
Cama Captain Koons
Black Self Dumbo (Has white on feet)
26 generations Camarattery bred!
Possible Down Under
Cama Hans Landa
Black Self Dumbo (Perfect Self)
Carries Dwarf & American Blue


Pedigree & Health History

I post pedigrees of my rats on their litter pages. Also at the top of the page I link you to their the parents litter pages as well, however, If I don't have links up for some of the rats several generations in the past it's because they were born a long time ago and I had a different website then. And that website has been deleted and their litter page has been too. So I didn't make new ones when I moved everything over to this website. I didn't have the desire to re type out 500 + pages.  But I still have all of the pedigrees and litter photos to every liter I've bred. I can provide that to you if you want it. Also a lot of people like this too, if you need genetic info or health info or date of deaths on any rat in my pedigree, you are always welcome to contact me for that info. I am more then happy to provide that. I keep very detailed reccords on all of that information. Breeders I've adopted to are always contacting me for updates on that for their reccords. And I love to be able to provide that information. I spend a great deal of time breeding healthy rats, and keeping excellent reccords, and I am happy to hear when other people are interested in all of the data I have. After all I didn't do all this work for nothing!