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Welcome To My Mousery!

Welcome to the mouse portion of my website. Please note I will post mouse litters in the mouse nursery.

The mice are a work in progress. But the line I am working with are just as sweet and social as my rats. They love to climb up the side of the cage and onto your hand, and they love to be kissed and cuddled. I am shocked by how loving they are!

I breed for health, longevity and docile personalities mainly. I specialize in Black Tan. Which is the color on my logo mouse. I also have Recessive Yellow in Self and Pied, Black, & Agouti. Coats of Fuzzy, Satin and Angora are carried by all of my mice. I have been breeding my lines for a while now and know them well. They all have quite lengthy pedigrees and I keep very precise accurate health records.  I have now added a new website that is a pedigree database for my lines. So when I post my newest generation of babies in October of 2014 I will be able to link to their pedigrees. I did ship in my mice from Illinois. I was told by the show people out East that my line come's form show mouse lines and a little bit of UK import blood and a bit of unknown blood. So their ears are somewhere in the middle. But not as large as they need to be for the show. In October of 2014 I will be getting in some new UK blooded lines and adding some new colors into my mixture. I am hoping for more Tan's, Blues for Blue Tan's, and my favorite of all, Hairless! All of them will have much bigger show ears than my current mice. So that will be a good compliment to them.

Please do not think I breed feeder mice, as I do not. I breed for pet only. All of my mice are held from the day they are born and treated with love and respect. They are fed completely natural high quality grains, fruits and organic veggies and spoiled with toys, wheels and big cages. Most male mice do not like to be housed together as adults, but some lines are so docile that males can live together. My boys live together all their lives without any fighting in most cases. I am very proud of that. My females are of course housed together and separate from the males. The only time they meet each other is when I have a breeding planned. I wait until my females are 12 - 16 weeks old before I breed them and I do not over breed them. Most girls only breed once for me and then retire. They may breed twice on a rare occasion and if shes just exceptional and if the babies are of high value to me.

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Mouse Info

Housing mice in plastic bins, critter keepers or cages.
Life span is 1 1/2 to 3 years 2 being average.
Introducing new mice.
Breeding mice Breed at 3 months old, no older then 8 months. 3-4 week recovery in between litters starting after they are weaned. 3 litters max for a doe. 
Pregnancy Gestation is 19-20 days. Its best not to keep 2 females together while raising a litter.