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- Can You Visit My Rattery?

January 20, 2017

1.20.2017 Just a reminder that I am a closed rattery as most of us are. I have been since 2009. Viruses are spread via air and clothing. And I will not risk losing my entire breeding colony for you to look at them. There is no value to me in that. You can pick up at my house after you have chosen babies from the site. But you will not be going into my rattery.

Also I have not brought any new rats in for quite some time and I will not be any time soon. I do this to keep my colony safe and healthy. Especially since the Illinois and Wisconsin breeders have a rat virus right now. But I do not have any associations with any breeders out that way.

All adoptions are done by choosing babies from my nursery, all babies have individual pictures posted there for you to choose from.

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Thank you for what you are doing to breed and keep healthy animals. I'm an older person who discovered the awesomeness of pet rats 2 1/2 years ago. All purchased at local pet stores. So far all but one has or had the tumors or other health issues. Heartbreaking and expensive. I will get my next two or three from a breeder when these are gone. I've read your site and appreciate your efforts.