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Website Updated 10.19.2020

Please do not contact me if you have cages to sell and you want me to post them here. People have been confused and keep contacting me to sell their cages. This page is only for my cages that I am selling, on the occasion that I have one available.

Cages for Sale

6 level cage on the exotic nutrition site - $200 each

Both of my 3 story Exotic nutrition cages are for sale. In great condition. This is the 6 level cage on the exotic nutrition site. They sell it for $380. I am asking $200 each. I took them off the stand and put wheels on them. Because it was over 7 feet tall with the stand. Now they are about 5'6". I took the solid levels out because they pool pee and added the exotic nutrition wire shelves. And now they have more levels per unit.


2 level mansion form exotic nutrition - $100

I also have the 2 level mansion from exotic nutrition for sale. Excellent condition. Slightly used.  They want $178 for it I am asking $100. Does not have plexi on the sides. Their cages don't come with it.